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Innovative Business Solutions

Vebmastering Branch

Marketing, brand development, IT services, web sites, graphicdesign, video

Fisar Branch

Financial and business consulting, accounting and bookkeeping

Tisler Branch

Production, imports and exports of wood and wood products

Business Strategy

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 Interkoncept uses product-service business system, working through multiple branches in which it has the best results due to next areas of business:
Accounting, financial and business consulting 100%
Marketing and brand development 100%
Internet sales and advertising 100%
IT services, web sites 100%
Production and processing of wood products 100%

More about us

Interkoncept doo "Product-Service System"

Interkoncept doo is a family company founded in the begining of 2013 with a scope of developing new brands using existing resources, by following market fluctuations and developement of informational technologies. Using the previous generations' experiences, following trends by constant education, investing in increase of capacity and equipment, we have become professionals in several fields, whether if it's production, or services.

Negative business experiences in the periods of recession and regional instabillities in the last 50 years, have led to family companies not being able to fulfill business continuity. Especially because of them relying on local or regional market, and exclusively on one business area. In order to overcome this business trend based on go-stop, Interkoncept doo. works in several niches, whether productional or service.

Using a product – service business model we are capable of maintaining our business activities on a level needed for one company to function normally even when market fluctuations occur, when activities in specific areas of our business stagnate or show signs of decreasing. That is the reason we are shifting to global market, to which we are increasingly relying.

Design and production

Traditionally, we have relied on the carpentry and woodworking. We design and produce interiors, furniture, make equipment for retail, and produce items from solid wood.

Brand development

A key function of marketing is to build a brand. From the website, and retail outlets to customer support, marketing strategy is a powerful generator of business.

Accounting and consulting

Proper accounting is the base of every business. Financial and business advisory, internal audit and controls, are an important part of developing a company.

IT services

Making web presentations, programming, software and hardware maintenance. We provide services to companies in the field of information technology.

Innovative solutions

The foundation of our business philosophy are continuous improvement and innovation in services in order to provide the best at all times and maintain competitiveness.

Customer support

Our customers have constant support. We see them as an inseparable part of our business. We are aware that only the success of our clients means our success too.

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Our brands

Here we share our best ideas Basic Company Information

Accounting and business consulting
Professional accounting / bookkeeping, financial advice, business plans and analyses are only a part of a wide range of financial and business consulting services we provide.
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Marketing and brand development, it services
Webmastering is a successful brand in the development of web presentations, SEO optimization, hosting, online marketing strategy, brand development, graphic design, printing and IT services.
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Tisler 1968
Production and processing of wood products
Tisler branch is the continuation of a long tradition in wood processing. Woodworking and wood as a natural material are irreplaceable in creating a form of beauty and quality of life.
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What people say?

Working with Interkoncept we have become the best-positioned company on the Internet that deals with pallets and transport packaging.

Goran Nenadovic, Šumadija Omega doo

What people say?

Robbertson brand development greatly helped Interkoncept team; from internet presentation and advertising through ads in the media, and regional distribution.

Miroslav Panic, Robbertson

What people say?

Interkoncept has a fantastic organization and business philosophy. Their clients always receive more than the ordered services, continuous monitoring, and improvement.

Marko Pokrajac, MP Roll Line doo

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